Mihama hot spring is characterized by a high radon concentration of 27.1 mache, or 98.4 curie.

In addition, natural radiation is not only completely harmless, but also acts on cells throughout the entire body to rejuvenate the body by “promoting cell activation,” “enhancing the body’s natural healing powers,” “promoting metabolism” and “improving the body’s immunity,”

and is said to demonstrate outstanding effects on all kinds of symptoms through “intracellular spontaneous healing,” a self-healing bodily function. We hope that you will enjoy a leisurely, relaxing soak in our natural hot spring.

The large public bath is open from 6:00 to 9.30 a.m. and 11.30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.


Large public bath Entrance

Entrance to the large public bath. Alkaline ionized water is also provided.

Disrobing and dressing area

Disrobing and dressing area

No effort is spared in keeping the disrobing and dressing area clean and hygienic.

Large public bath

Large public bath

The high radon concentration in the hot spring water will keep you warm long after you have finished bathing.

Large public bath

Large public bath 2

Our “hot spring for beauty” will leave you skin feeling silky smooth. The hypotonic alkalescent low-temperature hot spring water is also said to have good effects on gout.

Efficacy of hot spring water

  • Ryokan KANZAKI has no outdoor hot spring baths.
  • Although the bathtub is not large, we hope you will enjoy a leisurely, relaxing soak in the hot spring water.
  • For guests wishing to enjoy facilities such as outdoor hot spring baths or saunas, we recommend a visit to the “Benimansaku no Yu” hot spring baths.